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No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving!

Our Projects

Zonal Welfare Council

Project Ankur

Without education no one can survive in the long run. Education can lighten up everyone’s life. But unfortunately in our nation not everyone gets a chance to be educated. The unprivileged and neglected children of our society can not think of going to a school or get a proper education due to high fees and high range educational equipment. Free study is not available anywhere. Most children do not continue to study because of economical problems. To solve this problem, the Zonal Welfare Council has organized a free coaching center. Since 2015, our NGO has been running this self-sponsored project, named Project Ankur. This coaching center is in village Akhulshe, Bakhrahat, of district South 24 Pargana. The below poverty line students attend our classes. We do have professional teachers, who provide education to the children. Students get a one time meal from our coaching center. Our NGO provides them with all necessary educational equipment. Day by day more students are coming to join our classes.


Old people are the root of our generation. Once they have done a lot for us but sadly now when it’s time to pay back we are not ready. The elderly people need most love and care from us but in our busy schedule we are not concerned about them. They are not getting proper support from us and being ill physically and mentally too. Zonal Welfare Council is here to take care of the old people. We have been running a physiotherapy center for people aged above 60 for the last 5 years. The name of the center is Panchanan Chakraborty Smriti Vriddha Suraksha Kendra. It is situated in Bishnupur block number II village Jayrampur of district South 24 Pargana. Since 2016, every day at least 25 people have come to our center. We provide them one time tiffin for free. All the expenses of the center are taken by our NGO. We feel blessed to be able to help them elderly people.

Women Empowerment

Women are a part of this world just like men. In our world, women should have the same opportunities as men. But whatever the reason is, women do not get facilities as much as men get. Women of rural and village areas do not get the chance to be educated. At a young age they are forced to be married. They spend their whole life with negligence and disrespect. To improve this poor condition of women, the Zonal Welfare Council is empowering women. Our NGO trains scheduled castes women tailoring to provide them livelihood. We make sure that neglected women can earn on their own. From 20th August to 12th December we organized 5 free tailoring camps around 5 blocks. 3 from those 5 tailoring camps were conducted in South 24 Pargana, 2 in Howrah, 1 in Aurangabad. Besides, our NGO provides free karate coaching centers to the SC, ST, OBC and the minor girls. Since 2018 we have conducted a 3 days karate training camp every year. It starts from 25th October and lasts till 28th October. Our professionals provide them a basic knowledge of self defence. This is how we promote women empowerment.

Support in the time of Natural Disaster

Since last 2 years we have been suffering in a very bad way due to natural calamities. We all know about the pandemic of Covid-19, and Amphan cyclone. Lives of countless people have been destroyed due to these natural calamities. Zonal Welfare Council based in 1000 villages among 5 states of the country, in a survey we have found that 60% people of rural areas don’t wear masks. So our NGO disturbed 100000 of surgical mask and 50,000 liter of hand sanitizer in a month to promote awareness of covid-19. After covid-19 pandemic we were not all prepared for the Amphan cyclone. But with the help of our volunteers we helped 80000 villagers in South 24 Pargana. Our members found many of them are homeless and suffering from poverty due to the strom. Our NGO arranged rations and shelter for people of Sagar, Gosaba, and PatharPratima